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Our carefully curated selection of clothing fabrics combines functionality with fashion, catering to a range of applications and performance needs. Whether you're designing trendy T-shirts, stylish dress pants made from ponte roma fabric, or sun-protective clothing with high gauge fabrics, our versatile materials are designed to meet your specific requirements. With moisture wicking properties, breathability, and exceptional durability, our fabrics are perfect for active wear, formal wear, and even sun-protective garments.

single jersey fabric

Single jersey fabric

Application: jacket, outdoor jacket, Activewear, sun-protective clothing, T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Polo shirt, Sportwear, Underwear, Dress, Sweatpants, Suits.

french terry_img01

French terry fabric

Application: Hoodies, pants, sweatshirt, garment

interlock jersey fabric

interlock jersey

Application: Garments, Apparel-Vest, Suit, Underwear, Swimwear, Applarel-Dancewear, Sweartshirt, Apparel-Blazer, Towel, Sleepwear,Tank Tops, jacket,outdoor jacket, Activewear, sun-protective clothing

scuba fabric

scuba fabric

Application: T-shirt, polo shirt, jersey, sports top,Sportwear

single jacquard_img01

Single Jacquard fabric

Application: Children's Wear, men and women’s clothing, Sportswear, Garment, Outdoor, coat



Application: Polo shirt, Sportwear, Underwear, Yoga, Sweatpants, Garment, Outdoor

ponti roma_img01

ponti roma fabric

Application: Apparel-Uniform, Apparel-blazer, Suits, Dress, Trousers, special occasion or other sewing projects

twill jersey_img01


Application: Children's Wear, Dresses, Gymnastic, men and women’s clothing, Sportswear



Application: Swimwear, Bikini, beach wear, leggings, dancewear, costumes, gymnastics, dresses, Tops

fleece fabric

Fleece fabric

Application: Sweater, Winter Coat, Pajamas, Streetwaer, Hoodie, Children's Wear, sportswear

jersey fabric

Jersey fabric

Application: Garment, Shirt, Sportswear, Suit, BABY &KIDS, jacket, outdoor jacket, Activewear, sun-protective clothing




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